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An MEP innovation accelerator designed to empower creative ideas that break the traditional construction paradigms.
ConiVate enables an agile process methodology to develop inventive solutions in modern construction.

Product Development – Design Expertise – Technology Leverage

Innovation for
Traditional Construction

During active traditional construction projects, it is difficult for a project team to truly innovate when driven by a waterfall schedule.  The ConiVate team breaks out specific challenges and delivers innovative solutions for project blockers.

Patented Modular
Carrier System

Provides in-wall plumbing fixture supports and piping in a one piece modular design.  The scalable design accommodates a wide range of fixture combinations using standardized components making it highly manufacturable.  The design delivers huge labor savings vs. all other methods.


Our team generates custom solutions for common challenges in the construction industry.  We turn repetitive construction applications into productized fabricable solutions.

Super Carrier for
VAV Applications

Innovative design delivers rapid and consistent Variable Air Volume (VAV) installations with a unique adjustable mounting frame.  The rack assembly can be oriented to mount the coil trim in the most common orientations.


When our clients have ideas to simplify the construction process or challenges with the ability to deliver on budget or schedule they come to us to make their project possible.

Autonomous Pipe Cutting, Preparing, and Connecting 

Concept robotic pipe manufacturing machine.  Leveraging proven automation from the automobile industry our partner is looking to deliver 10X cost savings on fabricated pipe.  The partnership is looking to enable design to select, cut, prepare, connect, and label prefab piping for construction projects.